Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?
April 15, 2019Latest News

Why is Gutter Cleaning Important?

Nobody wants to find birds or pests when they climb to the roof. Unfortunately, it has happened to many homeowners. And this is only one possible damage from not cleaning your gutters regularly. There are tons of other situations, ones of which are severe structural damage, therefore, reduced security and safety.

So you are probably wondering: ok, really, what happens if you don’t clean gutters? How is it so dangerous? To answer your questions and help you in keeping your home safe, here is some must-know information about the importance of gutters:

Gutter Clogs

Gutters are the pain part of your exterior drainage system. With gathering excess rain/snow water, they ensure that your roof and house stay nice and dry even in difficult weather conditions. Their placement is carefully planned so that all the collected water can be disposed of in a proper area. But the gutters themselves aren’t immune to nature’s forces. As wind passes by, it leaves debris and leaves inside the gutters. And when snow and below-zero temperatures appear, the water turns into ice which makes a comfortable home out of your poor little gutters.

Another important thing you should know is that with time debris builds up and creates clogs. So the more leaves, pesticides, dirt, and dust collect in a certain area, the more difficult for water to properly travel through the gutters and right into the disposal area. Honeycombs and birds nests are very common because lots of homeowners forget how important is to clean the gutters.

The Damages

So when water’s path is blocked by massive clogs, it cannot flow through so it directs in other places, for example, the ground, exterior walls or roof. And we all know that even though water is amazing for our health, it isn’t so beneficial for home structures. Here are some potential damages that clogged gutters can cause for homes:

Roof Deterioration:

The first place where water will accumulate if the gutters are unclean and clogged is the roof. The material used for shingles may be more advanced today, but that doesn’t make it immune to water pressure. As water accumulates, it will start making cracks in the roof, spreading even to the attic and ceilings of your home. The shingles will become damp and broken, making an ideal environment for mold growth and debris. Attic and roof leaks will appear even if your roof is made from the strongest materials. And that is only the beginning since from the attic, the water will go directly into your home’s walls and rooms.

Foundation Damage:

The second visit water will make if you have cloggy gutters is on the ground. Now, you might think that water on the ground isn’t dangerous, but have in mind that it’s also the place where your basement is placed. Either with unnoticeable exterior wall leaks or with loud splashes, excess water will get to your foundation. It will find every weak spot, where the concrete is old or the window is loose and use it as an opportunity to get even deeper in your home. And when foundations start to crack, basement flooding appears, carrying with it bacteria and infections one could only imagine. Add a leaky pipe into the mix and you’ll soon have a personalized nasty pool in your basement.


To avoid structural damage, basement flooding, ceiling leaks, health hazards like mold and pesticide, bird nests and honeycombs – you just have to clean the gutters. Fortunately, it is fairly easy, but if you are afraid of heights or just don’t want to risk your life, there are certified experts who would gladly clean some dirty gutters.

These cleanups should be done at least twice a year, in mid-spring and in autumn. But if you have difficult weather conditions or have many tall trees around the house, clean the gutters after every storm. The maintenance process is very easy as it requires climbing up a ladder, removing debris and rinsing with a hose or bucket. Remember that ice forms clog as well, these are more difficult to clean but should be also removed as anything else.

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