Why are My Roof Shingles Curling?

Why are my roof shingles curling?
May 6, 2019Latest News

Why are My Roof Shingles Curling?

Having your shingles curled up doesn’t sound that dangerous. But this situation can lead to more complicated issues or may even be a sign for more excessive damage. If your shingles are curling, immediately schedule a free consultation with a professional roofing company.

To get better insight, here are reasons for having curled up shingles:

Poor Ventilation

The number one reason for curled up shingles is insufficient ventilation. Chemistry laws state that heat goes up. This is why attics usually have high humidity levels and moisture. When you have large windows and you frequently open them up, heated old air goes outside, providing ideal air circulation and moisture-free environments.

When this doesn’t happen, the attic gets filled with dust and water vapor. And we all know that when the vapor hits a cold surface it creates moisture. The moist in the attic gets transferred on the shingles and causes deterioration or curling up. If you have mold, unpleasant smells and rot in the attic, you probably have curled shingles and poor ventilation as well.

Faulty Product

Sometimes the cause for shingle curling isn’t our fault, but that of the manufacturer and installer. Some shingles don’t work well in extremely hot or cold climates and if they are placed in such, they will lose functionality much faster and their lifespans will be cut in half.

Besides choosing the wrong shingles, other reasons why they curl up is poor installation. If they aren’t placed correctly or the product isn’t of high quality, you will notice your shingles curling. This also results in having missing or broken ones. So the lesson we are trying to teach is to always opt for highly professional and experienced roofers for installation or replacement.

Old Age

When the shingles curl because of old age, it is nobody’s fault. This is unavoidable and happens simply because of nature’s laws. Even though it is extremely strong, roofs are vulnerable to weather and climate. Additionally, the less you take care of them, the faster they will break and deteriorate.

So if your shingles are curling, check the warranties to see how old your roof really is. The lifespan of roofs depends on many things, the most important being material, climate and amount of maintenance. For instance, the typical asphalt shingles last to a max of 20 years and only if they have gotten proper maintenance throughout the years.

Multiple Roofs

Installing a new roof is an expensive project, especially if you are going for maximum quality and efficiency. Because of the high price, many homeowners choose cheaper materials and solutions. When replacing your roof with a new one, the old one must be completely removed.

To save up some money, homeowners decide to install the new roof on top of the old one. This isn’t recommended at all since you significantly loose quality and efficiency. Because this way the roofing loses quality, the new shingles are much more likely to get damaged by weather conditions such as wind, snow, and heat.

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