What to Look for in a Roofing Company?

What to Look for in a Roofing Company?
April 10, 2019Latest News

What to Look for in a Roofing Company?

Choosing the wrong roofing company will cost you more than the roof itself while choosing the right one can even save you some money on future repairs and maintenance. Depending on the material, the average life of roofs is 40 years. Don’t cut those numbers in half by choosing the wrong people for your roof replacement or repair. Here is what you should ask/look for:


Some roofing companies aren’t licensed, especially new ones. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t qualified though. However, to get a full guarantee that the job will be done right, you should always opt for the licensed ones. Don’t be shy to ask for this since most professional companies won’t get offended, but proud and flattered.


The second most important thing is insurance. If roofing or any kind of contractor company isn’t insured and if they get hurt in any way during the job, they can pin it on you with an unpleasant and costly lawsuit. Some companies might lie for insurance, so always ask to check for yourself it the insurance date is valid.


After the basic ordeal has passed, try to figure out if the roofers are professional. This quality can be seen in many ways, from behavioral traits to a business card. Professionalism is usually seen in the attitude, so ask the contractors specific details about their work. What shingles are best? What is the most difficult situation you have faced, how did you overcome it? Etc. Their answers will tell you a great deal about how they perceive their jobs.

Website & Reviews

People with a drive for success are those who follow trends and adapt their business to new ways of functioning. There are a few exceptions on this subject, but the contractor companies who have up-to-date websites are usually the most professional ones. So check your Oakville roofing company’s website, what do they offer, how do they present themselves… And along the way check for reviews, you can either do this on Google or Yelp, Homestars and Angie’s list. Also, take in mind legitimate reviews because there are seriously some crazy and frustrated clients out there.

Up to Date

Being up to date doesn’t only mean having a website and Facebook adds, it also means operating with the most advanced technology. So what kind of offers do the roofers have? What are their primary selling products? Are they eco-friendly? Do they use different, more improved methods and approaches than the classical ones? Roofers who have more products and offerings are more likely to satisfy your needs and find adequate and modern solutions.


Last, but not least are the warranties. The most credible manufacturers and contractors always offer warranties for products. And since roofs are known for their large lifespans, these warranties should last much more than the ones for doors and windows. Ask for the details and do not be afraid to compare with more roofing companies. These documents can also be a seal-the-deal moment if you decide to sell the house.

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