What Questions Should I Ask My Roofer?

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March 1, 2019Latest News

What Questions Should I Ask My Roofer?

Did you know the average cost for roof repairs or replacement is approximately $5,000 to $10,000? No one would want to spend that money on a roof job gone bad. Some roofers may not be qualified enough to get the job right as many repairs require an eye for detail and lots of knowledge.

The roof is the most vulnerable part of a home as it is the most dependent on outside conditions such as weather, UV rays and trees or branches. That is why some roofers may not be qualified enough to get the job right as many repairs require an eye for detail and lots of knowledge.

Here are the necessary questions once must ask when interviewing a potential roofer:

1. Company Details

The first thing you should be asking for is the company details. Having a physical space like an office space is a major proof of liability. Other proofs are client reviews, references and websites. There are a number of contractor websites at which you can check things out for yourself: Angie’s list, Porch, Homestars…

A big proof of liability for a roofer or any contractor is social media. Having their own website, LinkedIn or even Facebook professional profile stands for professionalism and dedication, plus all of the reviews can be easily found there.

2. How Have You Dealt with Customers?

When the contractor starts answering this question, focus on his or her nonverbal communication. Lots of things can be learned just by looking at body movements and facial expressions. If the roofer is pretty open about the subject and says positive things about clients without any signs of contempt that he or she might just qualify to hear the other questions. The biggest moment, one that seals the deal is if the contractor offers to get you in touch with previous or regular clients so that they can tell you their experiences.

3. Are You Insured?

Hiring a roofer who is insured means that he or she is compensated if an accident happens while on the job. And, it also means that you have a right for compensation if damage happens to your home because of a mistake done during replacement or repair.

If your roofer doesn’t have insurance coverage then in case of an accident, you might have to pay the medical bills. Check for the date of the insurance card’s validity and the span of accidents and medical situations covered by the specific policy.

4. Are You Licensed?

Hiring a licensed roofer means that he or she has been tested for their abilities. A license is the same as a certification or a university degree. If you are offered with a business license, know that it is different from a contractor license as the first one is for tax purposes and company identifications.

4. What About Warranty?

If the roofing agency does not have a warranty, get up and get out of there! Having a warranty is necessary when you are doing home repair and renovation. When the roofer starts talking about the warranty, carefully listen as details are extremely important. Ask about the lasting of the warranty and what it covers. Usually, there are 2 warranties, one in which the manufacturer vouches for the material and one in which the roofer vouches for the work.

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