What are Soffit and Fascia?

What is a Soffit and Fascia?
August 9, 2019Latest News

What are Soffit and Fascia?

When doing roof replacement or repair, homeowners can get a bit tangled up in terminology. If you don’t like to dig deeper into architectural subjects, just ask your contractors any questions that might pop in your mind. But, if you are an enthusiast that loves learning new things, check out this guide on these hidden architectural structures also known as soffit and fascia.

The Soffit

The name for soffit derives from the French dictionary, bearing a literal meaning of “something underneath”. To understand this derivation, think of the soffit as a venting place. It can be installed around a number of things, including staircases and porches.
To find out how it looks, just go outside and stand beneath your roof. The first thing you notice is the soffit. At first glance, people hardly give it any attention, but as other parts, it also has a great impact on your curb appeal and energy efficiency.

What Does It Do?

Just as we mentioned before, the soffit is a venting place. It’s main roles concern ventilation, moisture prevention, and energy efficiency. This structure also plays a large role in protection against heavy winds and rain. If your home didn’t have a soffit, heated air would get trapped inside in the summer just as cold air would in the winter.
This part of your roofing system enables proper ventilation between the roof, the attic and the rest of your home. When it becomes disrupted or damaged in any way, you will immediately find mold growth and high moisture levels in your interior.

The Fascia

Besides being used for residential and commercial roofing terminology, the word fascia is also used by medical experts. In the world of biology, the fascia is a tissue made from collagen that separates and balances connections between muscles and internal organs.
Symbolically, it has a similar role in roofing structures. This variety of usages has to do with the Latin meanings of the term fascia: bandage, bond, ribbon. To find it in your home, look directly above your soffit. Both of them can be made from different types of materials, including wood, metal, fiber cement, aluminum and uPVC.

What Does It Do?

Just like with muscles, the fascia on your commercial roofing keeps everything separated and together at the same time. Extending beyond the roof’s limits and being placed directly below the gutters, the fascia serves as a base for gutter installation while also being the last line of support for the roof shingles near the bottom.
With providing gutter support and being a protective layer for the roof’s rafters, the fascia enables everything to do its job right in times of need such as heavy winds and rainstorms.

Tips on Maintenance

Unfortunately, even though these architectural structures carry a lot of perks for the regular household, they can still be victimized by mold growth, bee nests, animals and pesticides. That is why during your annual gutter inspections, take a look at the soffit and fascia as well.
Full replacements of these structures are extremely costly, however, if necessary, you must change your soffit and fascia. To avoid such scenarios, simply show them regular care. Remove mold, pesticides and rot with a soft brush or a broom. If the area is contaminated beyond quick DIY fixes, immediately contact professionals and get the adequate advice.

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