What Are The Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Gutters?

What Are The Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Gutters?
August 21, 2019Latest News

What Are The Signs That It Is Time To Replace Your Gutters?

Whether in residential or commercial roofing, certain troubles are bound to arise. With time, materials deteriorate and lose functionality. To avoid problems that occur because of faulty parts, check your warranties and always make sure that you maintain your roofs the proper way.

In the meantime, check out these signs of gutter replacement:

Water Trouble

The gutter’s main responsibility is to direct excess water toward a proper disposal area. When they are damaged in any way, water won’t be able to get disposed of in the right place, but it will find alternate solutions, usually resulting in extreme damage to our homes.
If your gutters are dripping, you will experience one or two of these unwanted scenarios:

  • Roof cracks & leaks
  • Moisty & moldy attic
  • Too much water in the backyard
  • Cracked foundation walls
  • Basement floods
  • Cracks in exterior walls and façade

Rusty Areas

Other signs of gutter replacement can be seen directly on the gutters themselves. These signs are visible by the naked eye, but one must carefully inspect the entire area in order to notice them. Since gutters are made from metal, rust is one of these visible signs.
Noticing rusty spots doesn’t necessarily mean you need a full replacement. If you only have 1 – 3 spots, you can fix the problem with sealants and repair. More rust means you probably need new gutters.
An important thing you should remember is that in each situation professional consultation is very beneficial. Even if you have only a couple of rusty spots, you must find out the reasons behind it since it can evolve into a bigger problem, pretty fast.

Cracks & Gaps

The same rule that applies to rusty spots, applies to cracks as well. Sometimes there can be cracks or fractures in your gutters. When it comes to cracks, having only a couple of them should not require full replacement, but it needs quick fixes and professional consultations.
If you have cracks throughout a large portion of your gutters or if there are large fractions between them, full or partial replacement is probably necessary. Each home is different, so contact your professional roofing company in Oakville to get to the bottom of it.

Saggy Gutters

The last scenario you would want is saggy or detached gutters. This is definitely a sign for a full replacement. If you notice how your gutters have changed their position, immediate intervention is necessary.
If not solved early on, this issue will develop even further, damaging your entire drainage system and roofing structure. Having saggy gutters can happen from a number of reasons. Unremoved clogs, rusty fascia, and broken fasteners. To avoid this unpleasant situation, try to:

  • Regularly clean your gutters
  • Do annual inspections
  • Look out for fallen nails
  • Fixing small cracks as soon as possible

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