What are the Benefits of Replacing Your Roof?

What are the Benefits of Replacing Your Roof?
March 11, 2019Latest News

What are the Benefits of Replacing Your Roof?

A roof is a place that homeowners ignore. Most homeowners have dirty and unpleasant looking roofs, accessorized with mold, spider webs and dust. Instead of ignoring the roof, why not invest some time and effort in fixing it? Change always brings wonderful things and changing the roof might just bring you some of these amazing benefits:

1. High Investment Returns

Looking for renovation projects with high investment returns? Well, look no further since if it’s properly done, roof replacement can have an ROI of 109%. This means that in the long run having your roof replaced will cost literally $0 and you may even get some extra cash for it. The average cost for a roof is $7,500 when you sell your house, that fine-looking new roof will add approximately $8150 to a home’s value.

2. Minimum Repairs

Besides adding to your home’s value, replacing your old roof can save you from cracks, water leaks and pest infestations in your home. You couldn’t even imagine what kind of damage these three can do to a home. Spending some money on roof replacement can end up saving you $10 000-$30 000 that otherwise you would have spent for plumbing and wall foundation repairs.

3. Improve Health

Basement waterproofing, duct cleaning, window replacement… all of these have one goal: to improve the comforts of your home. Health is an important part of comfort and poor insulation causes mold, pesticide infestations, mildew and condensation. Roofs are the most vulnerable since they are the first ones to get in contact with outside weather conditions. That is why homeowners shouldn’t push the boundaries of a roof’s lifespan. The better one you have, the less allergies, asthma attacks, UV damage and infections for you and your family.

4. Energy Efficiency

Nothing damages your energy bill as an old, broken roof. Heated air goes up and if the roof is clingy, crack and pesticide filled then folks, that heated energy will leave your homes without even turning back. And with more heat leaving the home, the more you would have to turn on the heating system. This same rule applies for HVAC and cool air in the summer. So in conclusion, a new quality roof means better insulation, therefore, improving energy efficiency and lowering energy bills.

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