The Best And The Worst Roofs For Canadian Weather

The Best And The Worst Roofs For Canadian Weather
August 26, 2019Latest News

The Best And The Worst Roofs For Canadian Weather

The functionality and lifespan of a roof depend on many factors such as manufacturing, maintenance, installation, and of course, weather conditions. For instance, even though asphalt shingles can last 25 years, if the weather is continuously bad, their lifespan will significantly reduce.

That is why Canadians should be especially careful while choosing construction materials. Each material acts differently when in contact with rain, snow, and UV rays. If you are wondering how to choose a roof for your home, read this short guide on the best and worst roofs for Canadian weather:

Roofing Material Basics

Before we get into details, it’s best to go through the basics of roofing materials. The roof’s style and the architecture of the building have an impact on durability, but not as much as the material has.

However, one must not ignore the home’s architecture and purpose. Some things you should know is that commercial roofing requires different techniques from residential, heavyweight materials aren’t practical for small homes, and short-lasting roofs shouldn’t be installed in family houses.

The most popular materials are tile, metal, slate, wood, and asphalt. Each has different lifespans and reacts differently to certain situations. Tile, metal, and slate could last up to 100 years, depending on manufacturing and installation. Even though cheaper, the average lifespan of asphalt is 18 years.

Moisture & Mold

Since the weather in Canada is mostly rain and snow, one must take moisture resistance in mind when choosing a new roof. The way excess water is handled by the roof is extremely important for its lifespan and longevity.

Asphalt and wood have disadvantages when it comes to this topic since both are vulnerable to moss, algae, and mold. As an earthly material, tile has the same vulnerabilities, but it provides excellent heat transfer and protects itself from moisture.

The best material for avoiding problems with leaks and moisture is metal, especially copper. The disadvantages of metal aren’t such big concerns for most since they include a lot of noise during rain and slight denting due to temperature variations.

Resistance & Longevity

Even though rain and snow are Canada’s trademarks, droughts and difficult summers have been happening for a long time. Taking a moment to think about the climate you live in will do you tremendous good.

Besides heavy winds and snow, UV damage can also disrupt your roof’s functionality. When it comes to sunlight damage, metal and clay tile are perfect resistors. Yes, metal might contract or expand due to temperature variations, so clay might be the best option out there. Moreover, it is extremely fire-resistant as well.

Surprisingly, another thing that influences the result is the roof’s color. Black colored roofs melt snow faster while white ones reflect light, therefore protecting your home from extreme heat.

To add more benefits to these materials, tile, slate, and metal are amazing options for windy areas as well. However, when broken they require more expensive and difficult repairs.

Rating & Manufacturing

We mentioned how wood is vulnerable to moisture, but don’t let that turn you away from using wooden shingles. Manufacturers today use special coatings to protect wooden materials from natural occurrences such as rot, pesticide, and moss.

The truth is, each material will provide amazing protection for your home, but only if properly manufactured and installed. Choosing the right company is of extreme importance.

There have been cases where tiles which have a maximum lifespan of 100 years failed during the first 5. This is mainly due to unprofessionalism and poor manufacturing. To avoid such situations, investigate everything before you buy.

Make sure that the roof has adequate ratings considering energy efficiency and UV resistance. Additionally, ask for warranties, guaranteeing both for the installation and manufacturing processes.

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