Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

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March 26, 2019Latest News

Is a Leaking Roof an Emergency?

The rain is gracefully falling outside and you are drinking a warm cup of tea while silently observing through the window. You are relaxed and deep into peaceful thoughts when suddenly something falls on your head. You look up and find the ceiling with a water leak on it. As you look at it more closely, the water starts spreading and that one drop turns into pouring rain. What should you do?

First Steps

Most importantly, you shouldn’t panic. Roof leaks are very common, especially in older homes where the functionality of certain parts has started to decline. Some roof leaks are easily fixed while others require more costly repairs or even roof replacement.

If your roof starts leaking, solving that issue entirely on your own may be dangerous as you do not know the causes and what might they evolve in. Do not be afraid of calling expert roofers, everyone will be happy to assist and solve your leaking issue. In the meantime, the first steps you need to do are:

  • Shut Down Electricity – If the water leak coming from the roof is large and quickly spreading, you should shut down any electrical device. If the situation requires lighting, at least make sure that the electricity is turned off in the affected rooms. Uncontrolled water and electricity do not mix well and can cause electrocutions.
  • Control the Water – If you have the necessary means and conditions, try to control the falling excess water. You do not want any additional damage happening to your flooring, basement or walls.
  • Find the Issue – When you finish the second step grab a flashlight, some gloves, eye protection and go on a mini-investigation adventure. The causes of water leaks vary. Pinpointing the cause will let you know if you need to call the plumber or the roofer. Do not try to go on the roof while it’s still raining! Even visiting the attic is dangerous in some situations.
  • Call an Emergency Roofer – Many cities have emergency roofers. If there is a severe roof leak during a storm or if your roof is old and more vulnerable, it is best to call an expert. Going on the roof by yourself may be dangerous as you do not know what you will be facing.

Controlling the Water

Water leaks spread and they can damage your walls, furniture, artworks and floors. Water doesn’t have a master and if it gets the chance it will spread all over. The key thing in reducing the damage from leaks is getting control over the excess water. Here is what you should do:

  • Grab a Bucket – If the leak isn’t massive then a simple bucket will help until the experts arrive. Place towels, rugs, clothing…anything you find on the floor, directly under the leak. On top of those, place a reasonably- sized bucket or cooking pot which will gather the excess water.
  • Clear the Area – After you put the container, remove any furniture or artworks in and around the affected area. Besides ensuring that your furniture stays dry, you will also protect it from any debris or wall paint that might fall off because of the water leak.
  • Make HolesNext, you should grab a screwdriver and locate bulges and the source of the water leak. In these places make little holes with the screwdriver. The bulges you will discover are a result of accumulating water and with making holes you relieve water pressure and prevent

Tips & Final Steps

After you find a way to control the water go on a searching spree to locate the main source of the leak. Tearing up loose wall paint can help you in finding the pathway of the leak. Before you go to the attic make sure you brink some gloves, a flashlight and a bucket. When you go to the attic make sure to inspect every area, some leaks may be more difficult to find. Look out for any wet spots, signs of mold or stained wood, especially between the attic joists. If you find the attic flooded or with large water spots, take a sponge and collect the excess water to stop further damage from happening.

After you pinpoint that the water leak is because of the roof, call a roofer and explain your situation. They will be more than happy to help in finding the reasons for the water leak and solving the problem. After you finish the call with the roofer, call the insurance company and check if your roof malfunction is covered by the insurance policy. If your water leak stops in the meantime and it usually ends along with the storm, clean the areas affected by the water leak. Some situations require professional cleanups as roof leaks are known to cause extreme mold growth.

The final step you need to do is empty the buckets, put them again under the water leaks and calmly return to your cup of tea. All of the other necessary steps will be taken care of by the roofing experts of your choice. Make sure that the rest of your day is relaxed and stress-free.

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