I Prolong The Life of My Roof?

How Do I Prolong The Life of My Roof?
July 2, 2019Latest News

I Prolong The Life of My Roof?

Roofs don’t last forever. To ensure we get the most out of them, we should show them proper care. Prolonging the life of your roof isn’t as hard as it sounds. Factors that can negatively affect its natural aging are difficult to weather, lack of maintenance, poor installation, and poor manufacturing.

So the first step in expanding your roof’s lifespan is to choose a professional Brampton roofing company with tons of experience and positive reviews. Afterward, everything will be much easier.

Here is how to deal with difficult weather and how to show proper care:

Proper Ventilation

Where there is water, there is moisture and mold. Because the roof mainly deals with water and because the heat goes up, your attic is probably the room with the highest humidity levels. To avoid moisture, rot, and mold, you should ensure that your attic has proper ventilation.

Besides many other problems, lack of ventilation can definitely cut your roof’s lifespan in half. You can improve airflow with a couple of tricks such as updating and frequently opening up your windows, installing vents and turning on dehumidifiers.

Regular Inspections

Another useful habit is to regularly do both professional and DIY checkups. When it comes to calling professional roofing, it should be definitely done at least once a year. This way you’ll get to see early on if there are any occurring issues.

Doing the inspections yourself isn’t hard at all. You should do it after each severe storm and after a rainy season passes by. The things you ought to look out for are:

  • Rot, mold, unpleasant smells, cracks and leaks in the attic
  • Damaged, curled up or missing shingles
  • Detached or clogged gutters (leaves, bird nests, pesticides, and other debris)
  • Granules in the gutters (a sign for damaged shingles)
  • Ice buildups in the winter

Cleaning Gutters

Even though gutters seem innocent and easy to maintain, if dysfunctional, they can cause extreme damage to your roof. With time, leaves and other debris build up inside and clog them. This can lead to two situations.

Either your backyard will be destroyed by large water splashes coming from the gutters, or accumulated water will put immense pressure on your roof’s structure, eventually breaking it.

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year and after each storm. Such cleaning procedures are highly recommended before/after the rainy seasons. Other things that can occur due to poor gutters are foundation cracks, destruction of plant life, roof collapse and basement floods.

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