How Do I Know If Gutters Need Cleaning?

How Do I Know If Gutters Need Cleaning?
May 24, 2019Latest News

How Do I Know If Gutters Need Cleaning?

Gutters should be cleaned twice a year and after each storm. If you have forgotten to clean once or twice, your gutters might have a fighting chance, but if you haven’t cleaned them for years, extremer solutions are necessary.
Contact Oakville professional roofing for properly dealing with your gutter issues and in the meantime, here are some situations which indicate immediate gutter cleaning:

Animal Nests

Nature works in mysterious ways. This is why sometimes, when we don’t clean the gutters, birds and squirrels can start nesting inside of them. Besides these delightful creatures, you can also encounter large pesticide nests. Remember to stay ethical while dealing with animal nesting. Preserve as much life as you can, but also make sure to thoroughly clean your gutters.

Saggy Gutters

So besides with animal nesting, gutters can get clogged by other things too such as leaves and dirt. After a certain time, that debris will start to accumulate and create a massive clog. If you had a couple of severe storms or haven’t been cleaning the gutters for a few years, they might start to carry more than they can handle, resulting in sagging.
Saggy gutters easily detach and this is never a good thing since it can lead to basement floods and extreme foundation damage.

Moss & Algae

Another one of nature’s visits, moss and algae is always a good sign that something isn’t right up there. Whether you have a roof leak, water trapped inside the walls or clogged gutters, moss and algae are here to tell you. Follow the trail of nature’s footprints and you will see the reason for it.
Unclean gutters will disrupt the flow of water in your home. This will lead to excess water trapped in roofs, attics or walls; increasing moisture levels and making ideal conditions for our natural friends.

Attic Leaks

As we mentioned, unclean gutters disrupt water flow in a home. This means that everything in contact or close to excess water drops may become damaged. One of these things is the attic. Since clogged gutters cause severe water pressure on roof shingles, they can easily break and deteriorate, letting water right into the attic.
To check if you have roof leaks and problems in the attic, inspect for rot, pesticide, unpleasant smells and mold growth. Remember to do this with utmost precaution since these things can transmit diseases and cause allergic reactions.

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