1. Get roofing shingles installed on your home. We have a wide variety of trendy and modern shingle materials to choose from!

2. Use tar roofing to strengthen and waterproof your roof. Multiple layers of waterproof material alternated with layers of tar sheeting protect your roof and ensure it will last for years to come. The surface layers of mineral aggregate (often smooth gravel) keep your roof looking attractive.

3. Torch-down roofing is perfect for low-angled and flat roofs. A highly trained professional uses a handheld propane torch to adhere the material firmly to the roof surface. Its benefits hugely outweigh its cost, which makes it the first choice for many property owners.

4. Roofing shingles improve the appearance of a roof like no other material. They’re reasonably priced and highly durable. These factors make shingles a popular choice among roof owners. 

These small rectangular elements work together to seal the roof and protect the plywood underneath it. You get many options for shingles, including slate, ceramic, asphalt, metal, plastic, cement, etc. Available Roofing is a licensed and certified installer. Thanks to our gold-seal warranties, you can rest assured that your home is in safe hands.

 5. Vinyl decks offer the same aesthetics as wood decks but are cheaper, stronger, and longer-lasting. Duradek is the best vinyl deck brand, popular for its high quality and value for money.

Upgrade Your Roof with Duradek Installer

Available Roofing offers Duradek decking in Oakville. We can install Duradek on your roof to make it waterproof, smooth, and aesthetically appealing. Once your roof is vinyl decked, you won’t have to deal with splintering and debris produced by other types of decking materials.

Duradek Vinyl Decking & Roofing Oakville


Duradek is a company that manufactures waterproof vinyl deck membranes. It’s a well-known brand among roofers and developers. 

The brand’s reputation is based on its ability to prove its strength in third-party tests. Duradek offers a 15-year waterproofing warranty on its vinyl deck membranes, so you can be sure you’re investing in a product you can rely on.

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Apart from roof decking, Duradek vinyl decking can be used for

  • Sundecks
  • Porches & patios
  • Pool & hot tub surrounds
  • Floating deck systems
  • Multi-residential properties
  • Commercial properties


We take full responsibility for our work and offer a warranty on manufacturing defects and contract workmanship. Maintaining customer satisfaction is our strong suit. We use only high-quality materials from trusted brands, give our clients personalized cost-saving suggestions, and demonstrate exemplary craftsmanship when installing and repairing roofs