5 Tips to Follow When Selecting Your Commercial Roofer

5 Tips to Follow When Selecting Your Commercial Roofer
July 29, 2019Latest News

5 Tips to Follow When Selecting Your Commercial Roofer

Choosing the right person for the job isn’t an easy task. There are many offers and contractors out there and homeowners might get lost during the whole process.

To help you out, here are 5 effective tips to follow when choosing your professional roofing company:

License and  Insurance

The two most important things you should ask for when selecting your commercial roofer are license and insurance. The former is more crucial than the latter since there are many cases where non-licensed roofers still manage to get the job done.

However, without having both manufacturing and labor insurance, you will end up paying for any kind of damage that happens during or after the installation process, including injuries of workers.

Manufacturing insurances cover and are responsible for the quality of the roof. Usually, roofing jobs need more contractors so you should also ask for the insurances of outside collaborators that will help with the installation process.

Do Some Research

The Internet makes research extremely easy. To check someone’s work, you just need to follow up on their social media accounts. LinkedIn and Facebook would be great places to start, but you can also check reviews on sites like Angie’s List, Homestars and Yelp.

When a business has its own website, it means that someone invested money and time to provide maximum quality to potential customers. Selecting a commercial roofer who has an outstanding website with tons of informative blogs and case studies means that you will be dealing with a professional.

While browsing through tons of reviews and blogs, be wary of mean customer reviews. Contractors face different types of people on a daily basis and chances are they have encountered some weird situations and clients in their lifetime. Carefully read replies and other reviews so you can get an objective view of the entire situation.


Your roof is as good as the warranty. Hiring somebody that doesn’t offer warranties isn’t a smart move. Additionally, you should read them in detail in case something isn’t mentioned or just doesn’t seem right. When you are talking about warranties, two questions should be your priority:

  • Do you offer warranties that vouch for material and manufacturing?
  • Do you offer warranties that vouch for installation and manual work?

Depending on the type of material, the first one should last from 30 to 50 years. The second warranty, considering manual work, excuses the contractor after 1-3 years. The bigger the numbers, the better for you and your home.

Offers & Services

Of course, hiring an up-to-date firm is very important. Roofs dictate curb appeal and energy efficiency thus directly influencing your home’s value. You wouldn’t want a roofing company that is outdated and that offers “old school” solutions to modern contracting problems.

First and foremost, your Burlington roofing company or contractor should be aware of the newest roofing trends out there. The ideal company should always be oriented toward expanding abilities and learning new approaches. Upgrading skills is normal and expected for every company trying to survive in such a fast-paced environment like the 21st century.

Communication is Key

Last, but not least is communication. Remember that it’s your roof. Amateur or non-flexible contractors tend to put themselves first, completely forgetting that your priorities should come first.

Selecting somebody that is open to communication and looks forward to explaining in detail everything that is of your interest will prove to be more effective than someone with a license and 5-star ratings.

The job of professional roofing companies or contractors is to properly address your concerns or ideas and to give their heart and soul out to make them possible. Bottom line is, do not compromise! Choose professionals that satisfy your every need.

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