5 Tips For Your Commercial Roof Maintenance

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September 20, 2020Latest News

5 Tips For Your Commercial Roof Maintenance

If you own or manage a commercial property, you know that there are regular maintenance routines you need to complete to ensure your property is operating efficiently and effectively. Your commercial roof is no different. The best way to protect your investment in your commercial roofing is to keep it well maintained, and in turn, your roof will protect the rest of your structure. With regular maintenance, you can help prevent unexpected damages, costly repairs, and untimely replacement. You will save money and increase your commercial roofing’s life span by up to 10 years.

Here are five tips for maintaining your commercial roofing.

1. Bi-annual Roof Inspection

Hire an experienced commercial roofer in Hamilton to walk your building’s roof and inspect your commercial roof every six months. This will lead to the detection of potential or minor issues before they become more significant problems and possibly spread. By scheduling regular inspections of your roof in advance you will be able to uncover any potential issues that can undermine the performance, structural integrity, and longevity of your commercial roofing.

2. Post-Storm Assessment

It will be best to invite a professional commercial Oakville roofer to inspect your roofing after a bad storm. Although natural disasters cannot be prevented, you can fix their after-effects on your commercial roofing before they become bigger issues. A Storm may cause some materials to lift or crack which may lead to leaks down the road. Any potential issues will be discovered and repaired immediately to prevent further damage to your commercial roofing.

3. Unclog Gutters and Drains

It is essential to keep your roof drains clear and free from blockage. If the drains are blocked, have them unclogged as soon as possible. Drains are a key component of your commercial roofing system and they must be appropriately cared for. Get rid of leaves and debris that may build-up around the drains as they can possibly lead to blockages causing your roof to accumulate water and possibly overflow.

4. Avoid Pressure Washing Your Roof

You may consider pressure washing your commercial roofing as any easy way to clear debris and leaves however it is a dangerous practice for your roofing. Pressure washing your roofing can damage the roofing material and it can force water and debris under your roofing material, causing water seepage, mold growth, and rot.

5. Hire an Experienced Contractor

Hire a professional commercial roofer with in-depth experience to complete your maintenance. There are several benefits to hiring an experienced roofing contractor in Toronto to check and fix your commercial roofing. The contractor will keep a record of your roofing condition and suggest ways to enhance its strength and durability, saving you time and potential headaches down the road.

Regular maintenance of your commercial property, including the roof, is crucial to the longevity of the property. This routine maintenance should be considered as a preventative measure ensuring your roof is in good condition and preventing any premature issues from occurring.